November 2, 2012

I have a blood pressure problem

I'm not alone in this, that I know.  But as I scrolled down through Facebook today I noticed a friend had commented on a link containing this.

My blood pressure did a momentary sky rocket of the pissed off variety.  I've never laid claim to being in control of my emotions, they rule me while I attempt to keep them in check.  A few deep breaths later I am telling myself to think of all the smut I've read about Obama and to remember that even though I don't subscribe to the hard right or left, this crap is all over about both men.  And then I went over and popped some soothing piano music into the stereo.

And on a completely off note, I used the word 'stereo' to Ryan the other day, as in 'Go turn on the stereo.'  You would have thought I was babbling on about hifi players, records and 8-tracks.  Is that word really dated? It's all ipods and x-fm now is it?  Anyway...

Of course Mormons won't tell you that crap, because it isn't true.  Once I get passed being pissed off, I force myself to laugh because wow, these people are such uneducated, uniformed, gullible idiots.  But riding the emotion train I usually just end up with sadness. Not for me though, because that's the thing, it's not really about them hurting me or Mitt Romney. It's sad because people are out there wasting their life, committed to spreading lies.  Even more sad is that people subscribe to this garbage and instantly, thoughtlessly buy into it.   Honestly it makes my heart ache for their stupidity.  Not believing the same things is one thing but not understanding them and then skewing them...sad. Just sad.

I've always been a believer in a healthy dose of skepticism which is not to be confused for pessimism.  I see the glass half full, I just usually want to measure it just to make sure I'm not the fool.  I question everything. Everything. Trust is not my strength. And this election? It make me feel like I'm living in a country full of fools.  My heart tells me that I'm wrong about that.  But my head?  It's skeptical.

I'm off to vote.

October 24, 2012

power of the hat

Life is full of adventures that revolve around the toilet lately.

Potty Training.

He's got it down, rarely an accident for almost a month but still, it's a national emergency every time.  Between cute bare butts, talking to our poop (bye, bye poop!), insisting the picture on his underwear go in the front, fascination at the ability to stand and get the job done and the shock and pride at how far it can go when peeing in a bush because no bathroom can be found.

Mom don't look!
Mom come hold my hand.
Mom don't smell it!
Mom, get my cowboy hat, it will help me poop!